Stream Green

The Jones household has recently become somewhat obsessed with green issues and it lead me to consider what impact the internet TV and IPTV industry is having on global warming.

Actually, it's quite a lot. Consumer electrical goods are very bad for the environment in their construction, their use and their disposal. We all know that standby is a 'bad thing' by now. The fewer boxes, the better, and the dumber the boxes, the less energy they tend to consume, so the perfect scenario is one low energy screen with built in circuitry that can access live streams (however, this does push some of the burden of delivery onto energy munching servers at the other end of the network).

But there are areas where this technology can alleviate current problems. The use of video conferencing and video presentations in place of carbon boosting conferences and meetings, for instance.

In the scope of things, I'm not going to lose sleep over the environmental impact of the industry I work in, but it seems wise to always have this factor under consideration. After all, watching telly over the internet under 10 feet of melted polar ice water does not seem to be an attractive prospect.