Off Message

There is increasing debate on how video ads should be measured and the latest crazy proposal from the IAB is that they should be counted 'only if demanded'. So, why don't we do the same for banner ads and MPUs ? I'd rather have a clean web page to read without this irrelevant clutter.

This shows not just how hypocritical the IAB is, but how they are representative of web sites, not the online video industry.

Err, what happens if a viewer is watching an advert in a stream; what about pre-rolls and post rolls ? The use of the term 'browsing experience' is telling. This is TV. All the experience I have over the last decade is that people want to sit back and watch TV, not point and click...

Moreover, traditional TV has long shown that TV commercials work towards brand building, a hugely important part of the marketing mix. It's only right that channel operators are able to charge for influencing people. The key is to make the advertising relevant using an engine like Narrowstep's Adserver.

The attitude of the IAB is that internet TV is a web medium, not a TV medium. I strongly disagree.