Bad Value

So, the internet TV sector is the hot thing in technology. I think not. The sector has been devastated in the recent market 'correction'. Clearly, there are some private company who could threaten the sector, such as Brightcove and Joost, but the valuations in the sector, arguably already benign, have collapsed, particularly for companies that show a deteriorating revenue/cost ratio.

Here are some very approximate valuations over the past six months:

Jump TV (JTV) 4.00 - 1.60
InterNap (INAP) 13.40 - 13.70
Akamai (AKAM) 55.0 - 33.0
On Two (ONT) 1.10 - 1.30
OnStream (ONSM) 3.20 - 1.40
Roo (RGRP) 3.20 - 1.20
Narrowstep (NRWS) .90 - .30

Limelight (LLNW) does not qualify, but is nicely up on floatation.

All I can say is 'ouch'...