Internet TV Cuckoos

Credit to TV Links, which has grown to be one of the Top 20 websites in the UK on the back of hijacking other providers' content. Clearly Veoh were not impressed and seemed to have successfully redirected their content, but there's a wealth of content on there (I have no idea whether TV Links has formal arrangements with content owners or service providers).

The issue is that they are providing links to the content, but not the context.

At Narrowstep we've been reasonably happy for other services to re-transmit our content, since we have a constant stream carrying ads using our Adserver technology, and all the revenue is returned to us and subsequently to the channel operator and the content owners. But most video service providers serve unsecure playlists where the content can be stripped away from the playlist very easily and depend on banner advertising for revenues.

The 'Super EPG' is going to be quite an issue as everyone jockeys for position in the internet TV world.