Down The Drain

I was more than ready to throw things at the screen of my (traditional) TV tonight as some middle class frumpy woman defended the obnoxious Jeremy Kyle show and it made me despondent to realise how TV content now works to the lowest common denominator.

This is a programme that would give the torturous games of the Roman Colosseum a good name and it's the kind of this that's replicated all over the world, as the obnoxious Jerry Springer demonstrates.

It pitches people emotionally against each other in the name of ratings and someone, surprise, surprise, recently attacked someone else. Bear baiting seems tame by comparison.

Middle class Oxbridge graduates who once would have dreamed of changing the world (and one could argue that the likes of Peter Jay and John Birt did in a small way) have now become slaves to the reality machine where traditional TV competes with UGC to no avail. They care about their precious TV jobs more than the total, damaging rubbish they are producing.

TV is now down in the pit of humanity and, to a great extent, the internet is feeding this. UGC remains unregulated and the EU has drawn up rules about traditional TV on the internet whilst ignoring the vast, unregulated, illegal part of the medium. What a surprise...

There has been a huge controversy over telephone call in swindles, but none over the descent of TV programming. Money trumps values every time.

If the EU wants to do something useful, beyond their stupid 'Television Without Frontiers' legislation, they should pounce upon the cesspit that TV has become, and particularly address UGC...

TV once had a mission to educate, inform and entertain. We're all loosing sight of this.