Postcard From LA

I've spent the past week near LA with the guy who wrote all of the clever Narrowstep code, Jason Jack. We're working on a new project that is very exciting and will, I hope, take the building of internet TV services on in leaps and bounds.

I'm a great believer that software is a living organism that needs to evolve and even re-invent itself from time to time. This evolution not revolution approach is particularly important for a company operating an application service provider model like Narrowstep.

At the same time, tomorrow is a seminal day in the development of the company as KPN announce that they have selected Narrowstep's television operating system (telvOS) to provide a new wholesale internet TV service to telecoms all over the world. The future of CDNs is inside existing telcos, not competing with them and this is probably the most significant development in the company's history.

I've not picked up much new information from being in the world's video capital, apart from surprise at how few internet TV orientated companies there are in Southern California (Eisner's Veoh is the only one I can name), the rapid development of HD and the ever inceasing competitiveness of the US TV market. It's my feeling that the focus of the internet TV industry is set to move east to Madison Avenue, the fabled home of the US ad industry. The new media buying season is upon us and this year, for the first time, significant budget will be allocated to internet TV. And that, in turn, will help keep the beautiful people of LA in the style to which they are accustomed...