Revolving Doors

In a seeming admittance that the ad portal marketplace is a very crowded place, it's reported that Brightcove is to pull back on its portal - a direction in which it had been drifting of late - and will concentrate on its media services - a model long followed by Narrowstep.

Perhaps this is also an admission that the ad market for Internet TV hasn't yet got fully up to speed - or that the company, as my previous blogs have indicated, had failed to gather any momentum as a portal.

There are many companies in search of a business model in this ever crowded sector, but I still believe that theplatform and Narrowstep are the only two companies that are truly able to provide a comprehensive platform and service across all aspects of the business, albeit with slightly different models - theplatform is more of a bespoke integrator, whilst Narrowstep is a one stop shop.

It also begs the question about how much capital Brightcover is working through, since up to now it has largely subsidised its 'customers' in the hope of reaping advertising dollars down the line. But the long tail is difficult to commoditise.