Running On Empty

Emptiness is uncomfortable to most people. From desert to sea, the nothingness around us is very real.

Most TV channels are lazy and fill their 'downtime' with shopping and gaming channels. However, unbelievably, some channel regard their downtime as being 12 midnight - 7pm, or more than 3/4 of the day.

Of course, broadcasters are free to their own devices, but this suggest a profligacy beyond comprehension.

The future of content is to achieve the highest yield possible, across all media and time.

I'd like to make a straightforward prediction. Anyone not addressing 24 x 7 content will be history two years from now.


Anonymous said…
But what is the point of 24x7 broadcasting if what you are broadcasting is rubbish?

Most of the channels on my digital (Freeview) box are not worth watching.

For that matter two of the analogue channels in the UK are not worth watching.

Few of the US free-to-air channels are worth watching, and the ones that charge aren't worth paying for.

Of the UK digital channels that are worth watching much of the stuff that is worth watching is repeats of old shows.

There is a shortage of content.

IPTV makes this far worse, I've never felt compelled to watch any TV on the internet. There isn't anything worth wacthing.

So whats the point?

There is no shortage of boardcasting capacity just a lack of anything worth watching.

Shouldn't the TV companies be creating content rather than technology?