Paying The Piper

The world truly is a complicated place.

Now, I'm pretty tech savvy, I like to think. But I've just had a look into replacing my freesat Sky service, that costs me nothing, and my Tiscali broadband - which costs me £10 for a BT line plus £20 a month, with BT Vision, their IPTV service.

But, can I figure out how much it will cost? Not on your Nellie. Or even if it's actually available in my geographic region, where even the BBC deign it's not worth broadcasting (even though they think spending my money to send signals to Russia is worthwhile).

So, if I lived in a city it would be straightforward. But if I lived in a city I would probably have the choice of Virgin Media, Sky and Tiscali TV, all of which are vastly superior to BT Vision.

When will telcos wake up and realise that they are uniquely bad at consumer services and should stick to their wholesale roles ?

In the meantime no one will notice..