Big Apple

So, Apple have upped the ante with the 'relaunch' of their Apple TV service, which has been steadily building, but is still a long way from setting the world on fire.

And they've managed to convince all the major studios to participate in their online film rental service.

This is bad news for the likes of Blockbuster, Netflix, CinemaNow and LoveFilm. It's also bad news for IPTV STB manufacturers with a new sub-$230 price point for Apple TV and access to YouTube, and will possibly be a real challenge to the new BT/Microsoft axis in the UK. Moreover, it may stymie Verizon and AT&T's big play to increase ARPU through their high speed fibre services, relegating them again.

So, a serious step forward for Apple which will send shivers through the market, but I still want to know how to get my DVDs to play on my iPod....


WRU said…
Handbrake will convert DVDs to any format including iPod. Of course you'll need a spanking new Mac to run it on :)
Jeez! It's French!
Iolo Jones said…
Yes, I managed to achieve this with Cucusoft (on a PC!), but its' still more difficult than it should be..