Knock Out In The Second Round

The turkey has been eaten, Santa has been and gone, and those new year resolutions are already looking shaky, so it must be that time of the year again...CES.

Perhaps the most significant development going into the show (which I shall, unfortunately, not be attending in person this year) is that all the major studios seem to have swung behind Sony's Blu-ray DVD technology at the expense of Toshiba's HD-DVD.

Competition is usually a good thing for consumers, but not in this case. So, these developments should be good for us end users, allowing the technology to reach critical mass and bringing prices down.

Once again, however, it's bad news for Microsoft, who backed the wrong horse and are increasingly showing their lack of clout in the content industry.

The only issue here, of course, is that physical media is entering its last stage of life, as the music industry shows as sales of CDs continue to decline in the face of the growth in downloads.

Perhaps Toshiba should reinvest in some streaming media technology...