Video Mashup Roundup

Here is a roundup of some of the video mashing projects out there, showing how video interfaces may evolve in the future and how video is being embedded ever deeper into the internet:

100 Most Powerful Celebrities
Map of Forbes list of the top 100 most powerful and best paid celebrities. Pop-up windows for each includes related YouTube videos.

A World of Nirvana
Dynamic tribute to Kurt Cobain, showing Nirvana live concerts on a Google map by year. Search for videos directly by keywords.

About Nokia
A web site about Nokia that use Google Maps, Search and Video APIs.

Access Denied Map
See censorship efforts targeting online social networking communities and other apps. Each marker highlights a specific country barring access to major websites. Details include text, images or video describing the censorship and efforts to combat it.

Online classifieds and advertisements service with video and Google Maps. Users can post video footage of their classifieds and ads, along with images and audio. View classifieds and ads on a map.

Anthems on Google Maps
Google maps mashup that allows users to watch and listen to YouTube and Google videos of world national anthems.
Connect your YouTube video to the place where you recorded it. Show the world where you have been.

Find attractions on a map of Belize and other Central American cities. Click the tabs at the top to watch YouTube videos related to the city.

Best of Malta Hotels
Malta hotels with integrated map of YouTube videos.

BigSity allows you to search locally for businesses, see pictures of places, watch videos, write reviews, see events, and more.

Search for golf videos, tutorials and golf courses, with each mapped.

A tourism and venue website. Brings together thousands of audio, video, and PDF files about places to visit in over 20 countries. Uses RSS feeds and Google Maps.

The allows you to mix with video, map, photo, weather forecasts and twitter messages. It has impressive interface. Developers periodicaly add new features. Wishes are welcome.

A mashup site where you can leave your digital footprints that are of emotional value to you. You can post photos and videos by form upload, email or MMS.

An events discovery service that blends event descriptions with interactive multimedia and community enhancements. Like a wiki, you can add text, images, and video to any event.

Explore The World Map
Integrates YouTube video location footage with Google Maps. Click on the map marker to see a video from that location.

Geo-tagging documentaries. Tagged videos plotted on Google maps. Find documentaries for your local area or for your travels.

GoMojo is a music community and search tool. Web site artist search: SNOCAP stores, eBay auctions, YouTube videos, syndicated news. Links to shops, blogs, Flickr, Live365 radio. Desktop app: photo tagger/uploader for Flickr, compact Amazon browser.

YouTube meets Google Maps. A real estate listings service that streams videos of properties on sale inside Google map

Hotels in Copacabana Beach
With this GoogleMaps mashup, you can see exactly where your hotel at Copacabana Beach, Brazil would be, with photos, videos, and online reservation directly from the map.

iCommunity.TV is a collaborative broadcast network for local news, built with the intention to promote video as a media for citizen reporting.

KMTV World
Kapital Moto TV is a niche video website for quality motorcycle content. Choose a map location and watch content filmed there. This works especially well in a close Satellite view.

Live News Map
A mashup GeoRSS feeds, the new Google AJAX Feed API and Google Maps. News from a number of sources is plotted on a Google Map. Live streaming video is also available from a number of news sources.

Maiom Italy Real Estate
Italian real estate application using Google Maps with live completion geocoding, google earth integration, starrable posts, RSS feeds, lightboxed images, and YouTube videos.

Map the Candidates
See where the US presidential candidates are on the campaign trail with this map. Timeline slider lets you see where they are now or will be in the future. Choose individual candidates, a state, and video.

map2tag the french touch map
Create maps, share places, tag, bookmark favorite places, add Flickr images and YouTube videos.

With mappeo, you can geo search YouTube videos and filter specific keywords.

A user-created atlas of the world. Search for a place and see maps, photos, videos, articles, and user opinions of that place.

Mashed Tickets
A worldwide ticket search and price comparison site with a map covering concerts, theatres, sports and tourism. Find and compare tickets from Stub Hub, eBay and more. View tour maps on the Google Map and watch related Google videos.

Most Trusted Celebrities
Forbes list of the most Trusted Celebrieties in American. Mapped with links to Google Videos.

Map service for finding photos, videos, news stories, wiki articles, blogs, hotels, flights, events, and anything else we can about your world.

NBA From Above
NBA basketball teams on the map. Click on team icon to get latest news. There are also latest blog posts by NBA players as well as NBA video clips like top plays of the day, pictures and traffic information to get to the games.

New 7 Wonders of the World
New 7 Wonders of the world mapped on Google Maps along with YouTube video for each of the 7 wonder.

One Hit Wonders on Google Maps
One Hit Wonders from Forbes, Wikipedia and American Idol are mapped. Also includes videos from YouTube for many entries. is an online shopping mashup. It mixes and mashes Amazon Web Services, Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and YouTube for video product reviews.

OurGlobes allows users of the social network to geotag any photo or video from anysite, anywhere on their personal map. OG Groups allow users to share their experiences in a new dimension. All of the maps are also embeddable on any other site as well.

Peppers and Pollywogs
Kids party entertainer and venue mashup--aggregates photos, videos and reviews, and helps parents find the right kids entertainment within their budgets.

Rendezvous Video Map
Video of racing through Paris in one window while course is drawn realtime on a map in another. In 1978 filmmaker Claude Lelouch put a gyro-stabilized camera on a Ferrari 275 GTB with a professional Formula 1 racer drive at breakneck speed.
Maps, videos, photos, news, social networking for the action sports community for riders, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, bmx, mountain biking, motocross and wakeboarding.

A local place based travel site with photos, videos, reviews, itinerary, ask and social networking functions.

Saga Earth
An interactive game that challenges users to find countries on a map of the world, then displays videos from that country.

San Diego Wild Fire Mashup
Travature, a San Diego based travel company, quickly threw together a San Diego Fire Mashup, to keep track of the changing news. It has has a photo stream, three real time news feeds, the latest fire related videos, and the fire area map.

Singapore Map It
Map your favourite locations in Singapore and share it with everyone. You can includes links from your videos, pictures, blogs and feeds.

Search, rate, and discuss skate spots, parks and shops in your neighborhood using Google Maps. Upload, watch and rate your favorite skate videos and photos.

Skyshot Maps
Interactive map of The English Riviera, in Torquay Devon. Showing hotels, attractions, historical points of interest, restaurants, pubs and clubs. The site also has video tours and a photo gallery.

Sopranos Maps
Follow the characters and crimes from the new season of the Sopranos on this map from HBO. Very nice integration of Flash video content and navigation directly into the map.

Stingy Scholar University Podcasts
This useful mashup helps you find good quality, free online course material from schools worldwide including Harvard and MIT. Both video and audio content available.

The Campus Atlas
Consolidates different Web components for college students. Contains Google search, video and local search, local businesses, maps, news feeds, professor searches, local drink specials, and games.

The Tour Map
Interactive Google Map of Live Concert Tours, Music Videos and Biographies for popular performers on tour.

Top 10 African Americans in Hollywood
Black Enterprise magazine listing of Top 10 Most Powerful Blacks in Hollywood, mapped by place of birth with biographical info and videos.

Travel Sites in Chile
Videos, photos, and panorama of Chile that helps tourists or others find restaurants, points of interest, banks, gas stations, and more in Chile.

Travel the World
View travel videos from around the world using Google Maps and YouTube.
The first video guide for hotels. Nicely integrated search and Google Maps. Uses Amazon S3 for video storage.
The TurnHere video service chronicles different neighborhoods and places across the country through the use of Internet video films. This map plots their locations.

Used Cars
Used cars and new car shopping site with extensive use of APIs. Yahoo Map Image is used to get around the https issue with Google Maps. YouTube drives the video search. Users can leave a car review, an article, or a dealer review.

Publish you own POI, point of interest, on top of Google Maps, with pictures, links, video, etc.

Video Maps Japan
Japanese mashup combining videos and Google Maps.

video mash 112
This site draws video markers: click on a marker to see a video. You can also upload videos. 112 is the European equivalent of 911.

Youtube and Revver video on Google Maps.

Vimasic is a VIdeos, iMAges and muSIC mashup. Saves searching on different sites for variety of useful music data: lyrics, videos, photos, biographies, concert dates and other information. 5 APIs used.

Virtual Tourism
Google Maps and Google Video mashup. Select tourist sites from around the world on Google maps and see a video of the location.

Virtual Video Map
Mashup of Google Maps and YouTube videos.

Visit Mauritius allows you to see aerial views, photos and videos of some of the most interesting sites such as hotels, beaches and attractions in the tropical island of Mauritius.
World map of video blogs -- vlogs -- and video podcasts -- vidcasts.

World Video Map
Sightseeing via a World Video Map. Watch and map videos on Google Maps and Google Earth.

YouTube Earth Album
Earth Album is a google maps and YouTube mash-up that allows you to tour the videospace of the world via YouTube tags.

YouTube Slideshow on Google Maps
This slideshow uses Google Maps tile layers. Map images are replaced with YouTube thumbnail images, so you can scroll images by clicking and dragging. When you want to play the video, just click the image and push the play button.

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