Inflated Values

Maven have done very well for themselves with a $120m sale to Yahoo! - a bit less than the company paid for back in the day.

So, what's behind this ? It strikes me that Yahoo! are now in a position to offer a 'consumer' chanel building proposition - a Brightcove for the masses and something a bit more involving and broadcast-like than the usual user generated video sites.

They will then be able to plug their advertising platform into this service, which by then will be owned by Microsoft.

As internet TV providers such as Roo, Brightcove and Narrowstep try to go 'upmarket' they're pricing themselves out of the market and such a proposition could be very attractive to smaller content owners.

There's certainly scope for a sensibly priced proposition since content owners realise that they are not going to make back the $150k + pa that the current internet TV platforms are demanding through ad sales.