The Partially Sighted Leading The Partially Sighted

It just had to happen. Today's proposed takeover of Yahoo! by Microsoft tells you more about execution than strategy.

Microsoft failed with the implementation of their Live project and Yahoo failed with thei bid for click ad sales model, which they had before Google.

Both have failed with anything to do with internet TV - with Windows Media Server deserving an honourable exception.

What beggars belief is the premium Microsoft are paying - it has to be an offer Yahoo shareholders can't refuse and shows the desperation in Redmond.

But what worries me is the strategy beneath this. Google has a clear mission statement in helping organise the world's information, whereas MSN has always stood uncomfortably within a software company with no clear vision other than remaining a virtual monopoly.

What this is is a clear admission that the future of software sales is in the browers and ad supported, not Microsoft's current license sales model.

So, two wrongs don't make a right Even beyond antitrust issues , I cannot see how the current Microsoft management can make this work.

If you're a Yahoo shareholder take the money, quick! If you're a Microsoft shareholder cut your losses now...