Take What You're Given

In compiling a report - soon to be published by TV Everywhere - on internet TV platforms one thing has struck me above everything else, which is how few of these platforms provide a schedule.

When I set up Narrowstep the technical objective was straightforward - to replicate traditional TV experience on the PC. In fact the content was made available primarily in a schedule, with the option of having on demand, live, download and searchable programmes.

Many people argue that the internet is a different medium. That's true, and the internet can add new functionality to the viewing experience, but three minute grainy YouTube clips isn't TV!

Television is an immersive, lean back medium; high quality, full screen and scheduled.

The next argument is that 'no one has asked for schedules'. Well, one of the main features of media is that people take what they're given. If their favourite sport or music clip is available as a grainy postage stamp, they will take this. But I suspect they would prefer to be watching in a true, high quality, editorialised TV environment.

Internet TV channels should think about what viewers want, not how grateful they should be for what they're given.