Traditional TV Slides

A report by the ANA and Forrester in the US indicates that 62% marketeers believe that the effectiveness of traditional television advertising is waining and has become less effective over the past couple of years. The majority of respondents are trying new ad formats and new video platforms as a result.

* Half of the advertisers surveyed have started to experiment with new ad types to work with digital video recorders and video-on-demand programs.

* Eighty-seven percent of advertisers believe branded entertainment will play a stronger role in TV advertising over the next year.

* Sixty-five percent of advertisers are “eager” to try ads embedded in VOD, 43 percent are “eager” to try interactive TV ads, and 32 percent are “eager” to try ads within the set top box menu.

* More than 50 percent of advertisers said that when half of all TV households use DVRs, they will cut spending on TV advertising by 12 percent.

* Eighty-seven percent of respondents said they intend to spend more ad dollars on the Internet this year.

* Seventy-two percent of advertisers said they are very interested in having individual commercial ratings rather than average commercial ratings.

Being at the sharp end, I've heard it all before; what ad and media agencies say and what they do seem to bear little correlation. There's no doubt that there is a glacial movement in the right direction, but targeted advertising, long tail advertising and the proportional adoption of new media seems to be a tough ask for most agencies.