The Holy Grail

It's rather appropriate that over Easter what amounts to the Holy Grail for online video companies is in the news, namely Middle Eastern investment company KIT Capital's intentions to invest in Viewdle.

Viewdle is a sound - and it claims - video recognition technology that enables the holy grail of online video - the ability to recognise what's in the video.

Now, companies like Dremedia and Vignette, both now parts of Autonomy, have been working on this type of technology with mixed success. It tends to work well when voice recognising someone with a distinctive voice such as George W Bush or David Beckham, but it's pretty useless for indexing feature movies with lots of ambient effects. But, I'll reserve my judgement until I try the system,

A footnote to this investment is a side deal with another of KIT's investee companies, Roo, whereby they intend to white label licence the technology.