In Kamera

I met some of the chaps from Kamera around a decade ago when they were amongst a handful of streaming media companies in the market alongside the company I formed, Web Channels.

News that Roo are in discussions to acquire them comes as some surprise since I didn't realise that they were still in business, although had vaguely come across them in relation to mobile streaming some time ago.

Roo are already a hotch potch of companies, some of which are involved in internet TV, and this does seem premature. Buying turnover is no business plan. It seems that the market shares my sentiment as Roo is marked down again to a market cap of under $4m.

But there may be the spark of a strategy in the middle of all of this. Roo made its name by supplying video content to newspapers, and Kamera is in a similar market. Dead tree publishers are likely to be voracious consumers of video content in the future