The Life Device

You have a box to get the TV signal, another box to view the signal, a further box to watch DVDs and another one to play games; you might have a mobile phone and a Blackberry, as well as an MP3 players.

Many of the world’s largest companies depend on you having a different device for different tasks, but the future may be very different. Just like the turntable, radio tuner and the cassette player and the amp became a HiFi stack and then an MP3 player, so a printer, fax, photocopier and scanner are now available in the same device.

Twenty years ago most computers couldn’t play video (unless you owned an Amiga), let alone tune into digital TV channels and mobile phones required regular workout sessions in the gym just to lift them, but now these devices are sophisticated hubs capable of undertaking tasks from messaging to displaying HD.

So, will we end up with one ‘life device’ which acts as a computer, laser projector and credit card ? And will it be given to us for free ?


Anonymous said…
Probably not. We will see some of current devices merge into one single device, while new devices will emerge.