Something's Got To Give

A world I envisaged some decade ago seems to finally be a reality - people are now using web delivered TV as a real alternative to traditional broadcasting. But something strange has happened that I had not envisaged.

People are using internet TV instead of broadcast TV. But the internet isn't very good at this; despite claims that the now infamous crash on Oprah's first webcast was caused by a coding error, I'm having none of it. The reality is that the internet is a rotten way to get the same signal to millions of people at the same time - especially using unicast or P2P. To me, the internet was always a good way of delivering long tail television.

So, it's unsurprising that ISPs in the UK are issuing user limits and penalising their customers since they can't find an other way of making money from the additional demand on bandwidth (which they often have to pay for).

There's a massive play out there somewhere for a company that embraces the ISPs and cuts them into the ad delivery model. It's also time for the narrowcast model, which has so far failed because media agencies aren't interested in paying for targeted audiences, to come into its own.