TV Top 10

I'd love to see a table of the most valuable properties in TV. None seems to exist, so I'm going to issue a total guesstimate:

1. YouTube - the second most popular site on the internet, more popular than its super wealthy parent, Google
2. Adobe - Flash video is it. Sorry Microsoft, you wouldn't make the top 100...
3. NewsCorp - the combined DirecTV, Sky, etc.. empire is a global force with total domination in markets like the UK
4. Jerry Bruckheimer - owner of the most successful content franchises such as CSI
5. IOC - careful shepherds of the world's premier sport event
6. Sony - a dual entry thanks to technical dominance through BluRay and an effective content strategy, Internet TV presence non-existent due to their regressive approach
7. Verizon - not huge yet, but will be. FIOS is a flying success
8. The Porn Industry - go figure...
9. Veoh - the only user generated property outside YouTube with any traction - worth a fortune now due to its audience growth (how did they do it ?)
10. UEFA - one of the biggest sporting rights organisations, they make their big brothers, FIFA pale.

Do you agree ? I'd love to see some rival lists.