Ad Roundup

Here, as promised, is a brief overview of the services you can use to add advertising to your Internet TV channel.

First of all, the big guns.

Google offer Adwords. Adsense for Video (apply here) allows you to add video or text overlays on top of your video content. This is only available in the US for websites with more than 1 million monthly video views using Flash 7. I reckon that’s around seven websites… (only joking..), but you can sign up for their somewhat more prosaic banner and text Adsense services wherever you are irrespective of your viewer base.

AOL’s has just launched its PubAccess service. In spite of the excellent name (mine’s a lager), this service is also US centric (you can’t register without a US tax id and zipcode).

Yahoo also have a totally US centric service for publishers here.

Offline networks such as Tribal Fusion will also give you ads to serve provided you have a minimum of 2,000 users a day. You can sign up here. Or, again if you have scale, you can appoint an ad sales house such as the UK company Ad2One.

The specialist video ad sales companies all operate offline (ie you have to ask them to engage with you)

VideoEgg predominantely uses flat links to launch rich media ads, but does have a video overlay product. However “Please note we are interested in partnering with sites that demonstrate over 10 million videos streamed per month in the US/UK/CA/AU.” That would be three sites, then.. You can contact them here.

Tremor Media’s Acuedo platform looks very interesting, but is again totally US focused.

LiveRail is another video focused ad network with an emphasis on serving rather than selling

SpotXchange allows you to set bids for your ad space.

YuMe is a company that I haven’t yet engaged with, but plan to do so in the near future. Again, US centric, they seem to have an interesting proposition.

But, the bottom line seems to be that you’re best off selling your own ads using your own sales team. Unless you’re a major US based website with millions of viewers all watching video, your options are severely limited.


Anonymous said…
...or you can just get the Adblock Plus plugin for Firefox and nobble a few corporations.....