Level Playing Field

After a flurry of activity, Level 3 is fast positioning itself as a CDN provider, following the acquisitions of Savvis and Servecast and a complex patent swapping deal with IBM.

They have jumped on the bandwagon and are also suing the bedraggled Limelight on the tails of Akamai's success with their patent lawsuit.

Rumour has it that they will undercut the other providers and aim to win business on price.

Certainly, with their acquisitions and patents, they are well placed. Also, the fact that they are a Tier 1 carrier means that they can undercut all the Tier 2 CDNs. But this is a commoditised business and it's going to get bloody.

CDNs will need to acquire platform companies - especially internet TV ones - if they are to add value to their core services, IMHO.