You've Got To Laugh..

Another day, another sweeping claim and statement about being the first company to offer a TV experience on the web.

However, this time it's a public company making this claim in a press release. Blinkx should be ashamed of themselves.

What they've actually done is launch yet another P2P player onto the market. Now, Blinkx does have the advantage of having aggregated lots of content, but claims like this are laughable:

"blinkx BBTV delivers a new kind of online television: full-screen, TV-quality and truly immersed in the Internet"

Err, what's new guys ? Narrowstep was doing that five years ago, Joost two years ago.

Blinkx have two problems: they're failing to find any traction in building and audience, and they're failing to monetise the audience once it uses their service, so they've decided to take on Jalepo, Joost, Bablegum, Zattoo and all the other wannabe network aggregators.

Right, who's next to claim that they've invented high quality internet TV ?