Cut Online

On Friday I spent some time reviewing a substantial investment in HD equipment for the facilities arm of the production company I Chair, knowing that such kit has increasingly short shelf life.

Final Cut pro has cut a swathe through the post production market and setting up and edit suite that would have cost many hundreds of thousands of pounds a decade ago can now be achieve for well under £5k in any Mac or PC store. So, why the investment ? The major issue is that support for HD is limited, but arguments against going downmarket are beginning to evaporate.

Indeed, I believe that all editing will eventually go online. You can see an example of what's coming with Adobe's new online photo editing beta, Photoshop Express.

The concept of online editing isn't new. Jumpcut has been around for several years.

Other online video editing tools include Eyespot, Cuts (which has recently turned itself into more of a video mashing application), Motionbox, One True Media, MuveeMix and MovieMasher.

Each has a slightly different angle, but they're largely aimed, as you would expect, at home movie makers who want to take their rushes and upload them to YouTube and other similar services. YouTube also has its own Remixer tool, but this seems to have disappeared from their TestTube area after being released last year.