More Spoofing

This is an interesting comment I received on the last blog which is worth repeating in a posting:

"You could try using service to see if that helps. We have recently setup tryouts to allow anyone to appear to be in either UK, US, France, Russia, China or Canada. To geospoof your UK presence set your browser proxy to and specify port 8126.

As for the internet going forward, I am thinking that geospoofing services will help free users from geo restrictions, throw a wrench in geotargeting strategies, and maybe create a better world :)"

I'd appreciate any feedback on how well this works for users out there. If you're outside the UK try setting the proxy for the US and accessing Hulu. I can't seem to get it to work.


Anonymous said…
I can ping and get a fast speed but when I go to and try and watch ITV1 or any other channel, it just stops working, it lets me click the icon but nothing happens, that is the same for IE7 and Firefox. Any ideas???