The Perfect Market

Hedge funds and derrivative traders have a lot to answer for in the way they skew markets, but oil and pork bellies are nothing if you look at the inefficiencies of the video content market.

Affected by everything from residuals to the lack of a trading platform, the market is crying out for efficiencies. Who will step up to the mark ?

With standards such as MRSS and increasing open-ness on the main UGC sites, there is a real business opportunity to broker content online. Getty Images, the world's largest photo library is getting in on the act with stock video, but online provisioning by production companies is, to say the least, pathetic. I guess everyone prefers to turn up to the mediafests at MIP twice a year. the best example I was able to find was the BBC's Motion Gallery. I'd love to hear about anyone that's working on developing an online programme marketplace.