Poor Performance

There's a whole industry out there making sports work on internet TV. Companies like the Perform Group and the folks at MLB live and breathe sports on the web.

So, how come there is so little on demand stuff to watch after the event ?

I cannot think of a single place I can go to watch any rugby whatsoever, anywhere in the world at this moment in time. All of those hundreds of thousands of hours are simply not available to viewers... Football is a bit better served with club internet TV channels, but you can't replay Premiership games the day, week , month or year after...

There's a serious business to be built here and I'm surprised how slow the major players are at picking this up.

Me ? I'm off to write a video recorder for the internet TV era (open page, capture stream, set start, write to disk, set end; it's not rocket science... Acutally, someone's already written it for me)


Anonymous said…
Two other organisations that spring to mind here - 1. Mediazone (very rugby focussed, with lots of VOD) and 2. IMG Digital Media, with huge amounts of VOD coverage (checkout both Portsmouth FC and Fox Sports Premier League Australia applications)