Rumour Mill

In the latest rumour mill I'm hearing the following whisperings (which may or may not be true):

Velocix (formerly know as Cache Logic), are rumoured to be in negotiations to buy P2P and self-styled 'selfcast' company RawFlow. My views on P2P are well known...

Pending the takeover of Tiscali by the Carphone Warehouse it seems that the UK ISPs are trying to gang up to tackle the 'last mile problem' and charge for last mile delivery; whether they succeed is another matter, but Kangaroo/Seesaw might be the last straw, tipping the ISPs over into Comcast-like behaviour.

Virtual STB and 'Freewire' (what a great term) company INUK are set to announce that they have completed new funding from a very interesting source. The company is backed by Terry Matthews, founder of Newbridge Networks and Mitel.

Narrowstep (in which I hold shares) looks likely to announce good results, due imminently, as its shares shoot up on NASDAQ's OTC market. Perhaps the company has turned a corner at last, after a difficult period. There are only a handful of serious TV over IP platform providers, and this remains the only platform/CDN play. I might even buy..

So, with the usual caveats, that's this month's rumour mill.