Taking Liberties

What is it with TV programmes and reality ? Aussie soap Neighbours has long lost the shaky sets and the dialogue in American soaps is as believable as life on Mars, but the thing that really gets me is that every programmes on TV insists that everyone from bankers to forensic scientists use Macs. Sorry, they don't. Only designers, TV editors and fashion victims who think they are rebels (and have far too much money to boot) use Macs.

Then, there was a comment in a brand new CSI about 'using VB to track the IP address'. Oh dear. And what is it with that ability to clear up grainy CCTV cameras ?

In an industry now dominated by computing, the writers have yet to catch up with reality. 'Technology licence' is an all too common facet of modern TV. It's not a big deal, but the intrinsic lack of understanding about technology in the TV industry is set to become a real issue.

Perhaps this manifests itself in TV coverage of the internet. I can only think of one programme on television that reviews the internet - Click Online by the BBC, which is shoehorned into slots on the BBC News 24 channel.

Isn't it amazing that there is plenty of coverage of TV online, but hardly any coverage of online on TV.