A Bright Spark

The difficulty of finding advertisers has long hampered the development of the online video industry. A web channel operators thinks that it’s obvious that if they deliver a targeted audience, advertisers will be clamouring at their door. Unfortunately – and wrongly – online advertising of any kind remains a numbers game. No one got sacked for delivering ten million impressions, even if it didn’t result in a single sale. The long tail and the Google model is far from sinking in at your average ad or media agency, even though they might claim that they ‘get it’. The trouble with the long tail is that it’s time consuming. Booking ads with a thousand sites that deliver 10,000 viewers is a lot more complicated and time consuming than booking ten sites that deliver a million viewers each.

So, here’s an idea. Why don’t the ad networks, such as DART, offer an aggregation service ?
But wait a minute, who owns DART now, err, duh, that would be Google, who are unlikely to compete with themselves. The other players in the market are Atlas (owned by Microsoft) and 24/7 (owned by WPP). YuMe (see recent blogs) are the best of rest.

Whilst everyone is obsessed with building niche TV channels online there remains a wonderful opportunity to build a long tail video ad network.