Cliche City

I thought that it was time that I registered a few of the phrases I have coined down the years - a bit of digital archiving, hoping that my great grandchildren will say: 'naive moron' with a degree of deference when they see these terms.

TV2.0 - yes, honestly, I was sad enough to use this term a decade ago

Narrowcasting - not my term, but I did resurrect it to mean the longtail TV market rather than CCTV systems in a few universities

The Global Tribe - the paradigm shift from the local gang to the online one from the local affiliate viewers to the people in Boca Raton to Nagasaki who love AGT4; or those guys in Caberete or Pozo, who are into windsurfing

An Audience of One - how you will make money in the future; a total and absolute anathema to any current media company

Primary rights for secondary content and secondary rights for primary content - what narrowcasting does really well


Anonymous said…
you should see if there is another company willing to top the ONSM bid on NRWS. you know the most about what partner would be able to derive the most synergies...just a thought. the break-up fee is low.
Iolo Jones said…
I wish.....