Dangerous Corners

In a political mood, the Irish decision to vote down the ‘Lisbon Treaty’, or, as I prefer to call it, the ‘Walking all over democracy again Act’ is a triumph for the citizens of Europe (of course in the UK, we remain ‘subjects’), following on from the Dutch and French rejections of an 'European Constitution', but the fasistic (in the anti-democratic sense) civil servants of Europe and their self-serving masters, have thick skins, since they clearly know better than the rest of us.

The Television Without Frontiers Act, along with the widely documented, extensive corruption of the EU are, on their own, great reasons to get rid of this archaic group of self-appointed and self-important civil servants who daily fly in the face of common sense and democracy and have been unable to publish balanced accounts from inception due to widespread and institutionalised corruption. To have left the final management of media in Europe in their hands is a disaster beyond description, especially for Internet TV operators.

Equally, to see this organisation’s totally unbalanced approach to business in general is saddening (why Microsoft and why not Google?). To have Cycling TV regulated and YouTube, with its happy slapping, copyright thieving, pet torturing content, not, is an affront to common sense. But the trouble with this dreadful institution is that it exists to affront common sense.

No doubt the thick skinned politicians of Brussels (and Salzburg, but that’s another moan..) will seek to go on regardless, complaining that 5 million Irishmen can’t decide the fate of 500 million Europeans. I’d rather have 5 million ordinary and sensible Irish people than 5000 idiot EU civil servants deciding my future any day... Anyone involved in Internet TV should lobby to have the EU either seriously brought to count, or disbanded and to have the Television Without Frontiers directive repealed.