Mobile Max

Now, I know that you're all spent the weekend wondering about the various technologies used in mobile communication networks, so let me put you out of your misery with this table, courtesy of Adobe, who clearly see mobile as their next target market:

Of course, all of this is rather theoretic and my own experience on 3's HSDPA network has been highly variable.

Contention is a particular problem and technologies such as CDMA are based on a degradation of service, so as more users use the service, the bandwidth available goes down.

Not included in this table are technologies based on the WiMax spectrum and related technologies which are much lower cost to deploy and promise greater user latency.

Using mobile services whilst stationary present a different challenge to using mobile services whilst on the move and WiMax is likely to take some years before it offers the latter capability.

There is a third alternative for mobile TV services which is already in widespread deployment whereby the data channel and the video channel deploy different technologies - basically you have a TV tuner in your phone alongside the mobile chipset.

But the biggest barrier to the development of this industry remains the oligopolies being run in telco markets around the world. It's a big bet, high stakes industry and jumping on the bandwagon ain't so easy.