Moving Assets

A curious deal lands in my inbox today - the acquisition of AssetHouse by set top box company Amino.

Now, some years ago, just after Narrowtsep was founded, and the company had clear blue water between itself and any other video content management company, AssetHouse were trying to adapt their content management system to work for BT in serving digital assets. The words 'square peg' and 'round hole' came to mind at the time and I remember executives from both companies spending endless meeting trying to pry out what Narrowtsep did and how they did it.

Fast forward some years and I had no idea that AssetHouse was still in existence. Amino have always been light on the software side of their proposition and as the STB market becomes, well, the web browser device market, the need for a backend system becomes more apparent.

Now, since I haven't seen what they've been up to for the past five years I can't comment on whether AssetHouse is a good buy or not, but in all that time I did not come across their name once in any digital media pitch.


Anonymous said…
Interesting, I have come across the AssetHouse guys quite a few times - especially within the tier one telcos. Would be interesting to understand what you mean by digital media pitch - bit wide I think.