The Price Of Fame

So, should a ‘property’ in the real world become an internet TV ‘property’. Hmm... Well, I guess it depends on what kind of audience it draws. Channels launching an internet TV presence is a no brainer, but individual stars with their own channel ?

The key question is whether stars can extend their reach to become brands. Very few people become brands. Is Paris Hilton a brand ? Oprah Winfrey certainly is and plans to launch her own broadcast channel in 2009.

A related question is ‘can brands become an internet TV property’; for me the unequivocal response is ‘yes’. Indeed, despite the failure of channels such as Bud TV, the near future is going to be full of companies launching their own audience driving properties.

But the key is to be able to leverage an existing brand profile – a TV viewer has the choice of a few hundred channels, whereas on the internet there are millions of places to go; there is a real danger that the brand gets diluted.

The trick with building an internet TV presence seems to be to leverage what has gone before and exposure on other media.