Project V - Couch Potato

Some six years ago, sitting on the couch in my living room where I write this, I went online, formed a company, registered a URL and created a monster. The following six years with Narrowstep were a rollercoaster ride which was going quite well until I had to resign as CEO due to ill health. The subsequent story is well documented on this blog and in the annals of the SEC filings engine.

As Project V gets into swing I’ve promised myself one thing. This time I’m staying on the couch. So, no plush offices, studios and edit suites; no full time employees and a growing need for a HR department. Project V will remain lean, mean and very virtual.

With the huge amount of experience I’ve had working with offshore colleagues and running outsourcing centres in the US, Croatia and India, I’m pretty confident that most of the work can be undertaken by the vast industry that has developed subsequently.

Something else I won’t be doing is raising any outside financing and the baggage this brings. There are plenty of times where accessing such finance is a very sensible option and I’ve been very lucky in having the faith and considerable financial backing of some very forward looking individual and institutional investors in the past. However, this time I think that Project V can be self-funding due to the way its business model is established.

As a result the company isn’t being established to be sold, as I’ve done with my past four companies, so the focus is totally on the day-to-day operations.

The third thing I’m doing is not trying to replace what’s already out there and working; rather I’m going to bring together the best elements in the market and offer them within a comprehensive package.

So, I'll keep you posted on progress from the couch...