Virtual Vision

An impressive demonstration by INUK of their middleware and virtual set top box technologies made my day. Being the cynical old hand that I am it's rare for me to get genuinely excited by technology, but the work done by this Welsh company is extraordinary.

The concept of having a VSTB is the next step away from physical box production and is, clearly, cheaper and simpler, especially for audiences such as students, who largely already have PCs. The user experience is as good, if not better than any TV over the internet solution and makes it easier for service providers to operate their services across traditional and new broadcast platforms.

It also opens up some interesting possibilities for the combining of VoIP and IPTV services - watch the match with your mates in a virtual living room!

This is a great narrowcast play and I think it will be hugely successful. I'm just trying to figure out how I can buy shares in this private company!


Anonymous said…
Haha ... indeed. Nice little $19 million USD investment plunged into them also. I remember meeting Marcus back in the day 4 months into my NS employ. I tried to flog him our solution but he wasn't having it ... now i see why! A big congrats to him.