News Roundup

It's a busy old time in IPTVTimesland with one news story after the other breaking in this sector at the moment.

Google are planning to 'commission' Family Guy's creator to make Adwords driven video content (actually it's a rev share agreement). Meanwhile, there are reports that they are struggling with implementing a long tail video ad system and also have no plans to introduce Ad Planner, the media agency planning tool that has taken US agencies by storm.

UK local news publisher Trinity Mirror is seeing its ad revenues - and share price, decline precipitously, further indicating the effect of the 'Google Gap'.

ITV are complaining again, this time that they don't have a level playing field next to Google and Apple and they have a serious point, their problems with Kangaroo (also called SeeSaw)notwithstanding.

But most significant news of all is my long held prediction that Kangaroo would be bounced in front of the Competition Commissioners. And lo, it has come to pass.