Opening The Tool Box

The video tools market is an interesting one. I have long expected some clever online editing tools or overlay-based technologies to appear which, in particular, make a link between the temporal feature of videos and related online content (e.g. click to put the bike in your shopping basket', 'see the best off for this product', etc...

The reality is that tools like Microsoft Producer have long allowed you to sync, for example, powerpoint presentations with video, but the potential to add hotspots to videos to enable shopping has still not been realised. Of course, Jumpcut is also a veteran of this market and I've blogged previously about MovieMasher. But a new generation of clever, commercial tools

As the Internet TV market matures and services like iPlayer continue to grow in popularity surely the next generation of internet video companies will focus on this area. The one stumbling block is that people have traditional seen TV as a lean back medium and are reluctant to interact - red button services have hardly changed the industry (although services such as QVC and Teletext show what can be done with the right approach). The good news is that all the experience I've had shows that viewers are more likely to inter-react with Internet video than they are with traditional TV.