Project V - The Last Leg

The old 80:20 rule really applies to software development (the last 20% takes 80% of the overall timescale of the project). The last leg seems to be the longest, and this is proving to be the case for Project V. As ever this is a combination of developers under-estimating and clients (that's me) over-specifying (oh, and changing their minds. I really should know better..).

The trouble with software development is that the metalanguage around it suggests that it is a science. In reality, it is an art. An iterative process where craft is at a premium. At the same time, producing code is an industrial process involving different roles and responsibilities. An industry where an idea takes ten seconds and realising it takes ten months. And also an industry where your product is never complete, there are always revisions to make.

So, during our long, hot summer, things are moving slowly to their conclusion. I am sanguine about the prospects for the Project since the actual product is becoming better and smoother every day, ideas are being refined and it will not only be the most cost effective, but also potentially the best, product on the market when it is fully released.