Project V - Fatherhood

Setting up a new company can't be so different to becoming a father. The idea that you have an entity that you are responsible for - totally responsible for - is not dissimilar.

Of course, egotistically, you believe that it will grow in your mould, it will share your visions, ideals, behaviours and mores.

But, inevitably, it takes on a life of its own. Others have greater influence. Your idea comes home one day and is a pale reflection of what you had in mind now that the real world has got to it. You realise that you are not omnipotent, even in a company you wholly own and control, with an idea you gave birth to. You have to adapt, rationalise and accept.

Project V is getting to the point where it will soon stop gestating and will become a reality, with all of the threats and possibilities that brings with it. Feeling scared and elated at the same time is a curious experience.