Project V - The Fun Begins

A final push to get the code into beta and Project V will be a commercial goer.

As much as I enjoy product development, the real fun begins for me when you hit the market for the first time.

Time was you beavered away and then called a press conference. These days you work in stealth, do an alpha trial with a study group, then an invitational beta and then a beta launch and then, many years later the word 'beta' quietly disappears. In the meantime you hope that the blogshphere (and the press) will have cottoned on to what you're doing with bated breath and will be speculating like crazy.

But if you're not going directly public (or 'B2C') things are a bit more straightforward. Project V will not be available to the public - it is what they call a B2B product, so the marketing comes down to preparing promotional and marketing materials and searching out the right partners to work with around the world.

Product, price, promotion and place (in this case resellers) was how I was taught marketing, and very little has changed. Soon we'll see if I've got all four right.