City Slicker

Asking the discredited former boss of a second rate telco to write a report on the future of broadband in the UK from the comfort of his city centre home shows how self-serving government in the UK has become. His whitewash makes the Hutton Report seem anti-establishment.

Francesco Caio, former CEO of C&W has concluded that there is no need for Government intervention to ensure the development of the UK's broadband network, but that the onus should be with the regulator. And the regulator is OFCOM, that most self-serving of urban organisations pontificating uselessly from its glass palace on the Thames.

Ok, Frankie boy, come and live in rural Wales for a while and let's see how insightful your report is. I just hope that the Welsh Assembly Government and its Scottish and Northern Irish equivalents will take this as a challenge, not an excuse not to intervene.

It's a no brainer that major cities will very soon have fibred networks available, but in an age where knowledge and information are our everyday currency, and one of the major reasons for rural poverty, such a network should be as important as water or electricity.


Anonymous said…
I wholeheartedly agree.