Joost A Minute

The inevitable has happened and the cumbersome Joost Player has been ported to the web browser, becoming a P2P plug-in.

The most over-hyped company in the Internet TV market is still struggling to find traction, having turned its focus away from Europe, first to the US and then to China.

The real problem content services like Joost have is that traditional broadcasters already have content relationships, and the technology to deliver this content is available from any number of sources.

Worse still, the incumbents have the audience, and can use their traditional audience to build a new online service.

All my experience has been that any kind of installation is a real barrier to entry, so Joost were always on the back foot - I quickly uninstalled their app after I found that it was hogging not only my bandwidth, but also my processing power.

So, what's left ? Well a service that has to compete with traditional broadcasters as well as new initiatives like Hulu and Kangaroo. Investors in the latest fundraising round are brave, if not foolhardy.