Positive Steps

Yesterday a comment I was unable to publish due to a pesonal footnote appeared in IPTVTimes' Inbox.

It voiced two of the most common themes we hear from the industry - lack of funding and difficulty selling ads.

TV can be an expensive business and, although the internet has changed the economics, an age old formula remains at the core of the success or failure of a channel - build an audience and monetize that audience.

The former points to why fundraising is necessary, the latter to why media sales is a problem.

Looking on the bright side (which I promise to do more often after the gloom and negativity of recent posts on this blog), this means we're all just two steps away from being moguls.

But, of course (there I go again being a cynic) these two steps are giant strides in reality.I will blog again in the near future on how these two fundamentals can be addressed.