Project V - Going Live

Well, we're officially into our beta testing now, with real live applications hanging off the front of the system. But, like most things in life, there's no sense of elation, just a sense of 'phew, got there at last, right, now the hard work begins'.

Another downside of developing it all virtually is that you have no one to go down the pub and have a celebratory jar with. Ho, hum.

Of course, it doesn't boast all of the features that I want it to have - in the past I learnt that an application is never really 'finished'. They tend to develop lives of their own, and other people begin to have an effect on them as they grow up - resellers, users and so on. We're already well into planning v2 (and v3) development with a steady, but ambitious, roadmap.

The current plan is to launch the application formally at my keynote address speech on Internet TV at DMFest in Singapore at the end of October. So, book your tickets now - although it might be easier (and cheaper in these challenging times) to just drop me a line and ask for a demo...