Silly Season

Wow, summer has ended with a bang. Let me try and tie together many trends and announcements over the past few days, now that we're all back from a long summer break.

Google is launching its own web browser; OSes (operating systems - what made Microsoft rich) are of the past; all you need now is a way to parse and view data, and this is what 'browsers' provide. All screens in the future will plug directly into the web (actually, many already do), so you need to embed some processing power (recently announced by Intel) and a browser to enable IP data to be presented. Finally, Teletext has reached its next age.

Yahoo have teamed up with Samsung to empower the concept of the 'ubiquitous web' with Yahoo embedded on Samsung screens. Jerry Yang has seriously got his rocks off after his close shave with Microsoft ownership.

And all of this leaves the world's largest software company licking its wounds. Microsoft tried to poo on Google's party by saying that the 'privacy' settings in IE8 would stifle Google (absolute bollocks - and the press and media should be ashamed of themselves for swallowing this lie hook line and sinker..). For the record, Google doesn't care who its users are, and ads are generally based on a surfing session, not a user profile. Even more important is the fact that I would rather receive relevant info rather than any more irrelevant ads, but let's not go there. Microsoft also invested in Move to get into the Internet TV space just as the rest of the world moved to Flash and H.264. Microsoft needs a new CEO before the growth of web services results in its freefall.

But perhaps the biggest story emerging from the summer silly season is from NBC's Olympic coverage and that there are now serious dollars online and advertisers are more than happy to entertain aggregated audiences, eight figures, not seven figures, and one day soon this may become nine figures. The traditional media, blunderbuss approach is primitive, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

Gosh, I wonder what October has in store!