Going East

This weeks sees me off to give a keynote address at the inaugural DMFest in Singapore.

Largely, I will be looking at the technical processes behind setting up and operating online television services, but I will also be examining the commercial models that have evolved in the industry and what seems to have worked to date and what has not. My presentation will be posted here in due course.

Unlike many other similar events (with the notable exception of PICNIC), the event combines content makers with technologists - just the way it should be.

Over the past decade the technology has become somewhat incidental to the delivery of video over the web. Advances in broadband technology and codecs mean that the majority of broadband users in developed countries can now happily watch decent full screen video on their PC; although until this situation is ubiquitous this remains an issue for commercialising Internet TV services as advertisers point to the gap in the services.

What has not happened, though, is the advent of an affordable professional platform for building and operating commercial services on the web and I will be, for the first time, revealing our plans at TV Everywhere to address this with the formal launch of Project V.