Home Access

It was interesting sitting down and discussing the use of internet TV with a number of expats living here in Singapore.

It seems that geospoofing is rife, with Brit Domains' VPN service being a favourite for enabling access to services such as the BBC's iPlayer and ITVLocal.com.

This is a paid for service that offers an incredibly elegant Internet TV money making opportunity, matching users with content not by aggregating services, creating a new EPG or launching a whole portal from scratch, but merely by offering an IP. Genius!

The other service that seems to be popular here is Swiss company Zattoo's simulcast of various UK channels - although this also needs to be geospoofed. (I'm still unclear about the agreements Zattoo have in place with various broadcaster and would welcome any comments from anyone who knows more about this than I do.)

As much as broadcasters wish otherwise, we live in an increasingly flat world.